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New Release! Maple 2023

More Math, Faster Math
The math engine in Maple has been updated in countless ways so that it can solve more problems, faster. Areas of improvement in Maple 2023 include (but are by no means limited to!) integration, solving equations, differential equations, graph theory, logic, and matrix operations.

Build Better Explorations More Easily
The Plot Builder is a great tool for building and customizing all sorts of plots and animations without worrying about the underlying commands, and now you can also use it to build customized interactive explorations where parameters are controlled by sliders.

Making Complex Applications Simpler
New templates make it easier to create more complex applications that require programming, such as interactive clickable plots, quizzes that offer students unlimited practice and provide feedback, examples that provide solution steps, and more. Applications can be used in Maple or deployed to Maple Learn.

More Help is Better Help
You can now have more than one help page open at a time! The Maple Help Browser now puts each page in a separate tab, making it substantially easier to flip between help pages. (Sorry it took so long!)

Step by Step Solutions
Maple can provide step-by-step solutions for solving equations, differentiation, integration, inverting matrices, and more, and in Maple 2023, that collection has been expanded to include implicit differentiation.

Better Access to Code Files
You can now view and modify external Maple code files using Maple’s code editing tools, and execute the code at a click of a button.

Learn Physics by Example
A large collection of worked examples that align with popular textbooks makes it very easy for teachers and students in undergraduate Classical Mechanics courses to gain the benefits of using Maple in teaching and learning.

Improved Visualizations
Plotting improvements in Maple 2023 include a new color bar for 2-D contour and density plots, to show the values of the gradations, and performance enhancements.

Faster Data Import
Importing numeric data into Maple is now faster on Windows.

How to Install Maple
Single-User Installation Guide
Follow these instructions if you are installing Maple on a laptop or desktop computer.
Network Installation Video
Follow these instructions if you are an IT Administrator installing Maple on a network.
Missing Something?
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Flexible Licensing
From single-user term licenses to volume licenses, site license programs, or special license configurations, we offer the most flexible licensing options in the industry. We will happily provide you with a customized licensing plan to suit your infrastructure and policies. Just ask!

Virtualize your Maplesoft license so that you and your students can use Maple anywhere, anytime - in the classroom, at home, while attending a conference, or even at the mall!

Student Licensing Program
Provide your students with a copy of Maple through the Maple Student Licensing Program, and allow them to use Maple on campus computers, their own laptops, or as a virtualized solution from home. There are a variety of purchase and licensing options available, including permanent and time-limited licenses and student-purchase models.

We’re More than Just Maple
Did you know? In addition to Maple, Maplesoft offers a variety of other complementary software products, including online and mobile solutions, that help you solve many of the problems that come with teaching math and math-related courses, including:
We’re More than Just Maple
  • Engaging students who are easily bored or distracted
  • Motivating students who don’t see the point
  • Overcoming math anxiety
  • Instilling true understanding in students who are just going through the motions
  • Providing sufficient opportunities for practice
  • Evaluating progress in a world where it’s easy to look up answers
  • Dealing with varying levels of readiness for the course material

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