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Getting Started with Virtual Commissioning Can be Easier than You Think

Turnkey solutions from Maplesoft offer a low-effort way to test out virtual commissioning in your own projects – no modeling expertise required!

Niigon Machines Optimizes Cycle Times with Virtual Commissioning

Using virtual commissioning solutions from Maplesoft and B&R Industrial Automation, Niigon Machines significantly increased the output of their injection molding machines – all without expensive hardware upgrades. See how Niigon used virtual commissioning and simulation to optimize their machine cycle times for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. For more information, visit us at: http://www.maplesoft.com/products/maplesim/?ref=youtube

No Experience with Digital Twins or Virtual Commissioning? No Problem.

You already know that digital twins and virtual commissioning offer theoretical benefits in the long run, but learning to build a model requires a big short term investment, which is even harder to justify when you don’t know what concrete advantages you’ll get out of it for your specific projects.

That’s why Maplesoft offers turnkey solutions that make it easy to implement virtual commissioning , so you can use this powerful approach to diagnose, fix, and optimize machine performance. Our experts work with you to understand your project, and then build a validated digital twin for you. To run this model, we supply an easy-to-use but powerful simulation platform that provides simulation-based 3-D visualization and debugging capabilities, and connects directly to common automation platforms. This way, you get the benefits of virtual commissioning, and no one in your organization needs to become a modeling expert.

Expert consultation on your issues to find the best solutions using digital twins

Development of your digital twin with 3-D visualization based on your CAD models

Simulation and analysis of your digital twin to find root-cause performance issues

Solution strategies that rely on advanced motion control and other simulation-based techniques, not expensive hardware replacements

Low-cost deployment of the digital twin across your team using MapleSim Insight, allowing non-experts to explore, visualize, and test new scenarios

“For me, it’s a total no-brainer. You will never get the best out of your mechanical system without simulation.”

Marc Ricke

Controls Engineering & IT Manager, Niigon Machines Ltd.

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