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Solve problems like you would on paper, only better!
Maple Learn is a FREE tool for solving all kinds of math problems.
Use Maple Learn to jot down notes, solve a problem step-by-step, explore a topic, or practice a concept.
Whether you are in high school, a community or two year college, or the first two years of university, with Maple Learn you get everything you need in one place:
Solve problems like you would on paper, only better!
You can work through a problem step by step in Maple Learn, just like you would on paper. But unlike on paper, you can also ask Maple Learn to perform tedious intermediate steps for you, see a graph to get a better sense of the problem, do a quick side calculation to double-check an individual step, and verify the final result.

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Check all your answers.
Maple Learn can solve equations.
And find integrals.
And invert matrices.
And factor polynomials.
And find derivatives.
And solve differential equations.
And simplify expressions.
And work with complex numbers.
And find medians and means.
And calculate integrals.
And ...
Graph stuff. Really easily.
And then watch the graph change as you move a slider or change the expression, so you can get a better sense of the problem, solution, or concept you are working on.

plots screenshots
Share your math, not your illegible handwriting.
If you need to show someone your work, simply send them a link to your Maple Learn document. No more trying to explain what you've been doing verbally, or sending people photos of your handwritten work in the hopes that they can make it out. The result? You get better, faster math help (and fewer complaints!)

Perfect for Chromebooks!
There is no software to install for Maple Learn, so you can take advantage of all that Maple Learn has to offer from your Google Chromebook.

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Introducing Maple Learn
Learning, teaching, and doing math online just got easier! In this video, you’ll get a brief introduction to Maple Learn, the ultimate online math tool designed specifically for learning, teaching, and solving math problems from high-school to second year university.
Five More Reasons to Choose Maple Learn
Still not quite convinced? Here are even more reasons to choose Maple Learn over the mishmash of tools you've been using.
A basic account is free!
And it may be all you need. If not, a premium account costs about as much as one fancy coffee/month.
Entering math is a snap.
If your problem is already on paper, just take a picture using the Maple Calculator App, and the math will get uploaded to Maple Learn automatically (even if your handwriting isn't the greatest)
Remote tutoring is easy (well, easier).
Maple Learn is a great tool if you are getting or receiving help from someone who can't be in the same room as you.
It's multilingual.
Would working in a language other than English be more comfortable? Maple Learn is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Danish, Swedish, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.
Maple Learn grows with you.
This one tool will support you in high school, in community and two year college courses, and during the first two years of university.
Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself!
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Access to FAQs, examples, videos
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