MapleSim Modelica Engine – Maplesoft

The MapleSim Modelica Engine is the powerful system-level modeling engine that lies at the heart of MapleSim. This engine can be licensed as an OEM product for inclusion in your own applications and products.

Why Choose the MapleSim Modelica Engine?

Here are just some of the reasons the MapleSim Modelica Engine is the best choice for your modeling and simulation applications.

Extremely Powerful

Rely on mature Modelica technology backed by extremely powerful solvers for your system-level modeling needs


Leverage state-of-the-art multidomain Modelica libraries developed and tested by domain experts


Achieve real-time and in-the-loop performance without sacrificing model fidelity

Easy to Integrate

Work with an experienced team that can help you embed the engine in your own software using a flexible API

Product Highlights

Learn about the MapleSim technology included in the MapleSim Modelica Engine.

Advantages over Open Source Engines
MapleSim Modelica Engine vs Open Source

With over 25 years of development invested into its core mathematical technology, Maplesoft gives you an industrial-strength solution that you can trust.

  • Mature Modelica engine
  • More robust solvers
  • Faster simulation code
  • On-going assistance and support throughout your development cycle
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The MapleSim Modelica Engine is the foundation of the MapleSim system-level modeling and simulation tool. Learn more about MapleSim and Modelica.