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Teach effectively, increase student engagement, and improve student success.

Whatever the engineering discipline, mathematics plays a vital role in many engineering courses. A good mathematical tool can be a significant asset to engineering education, supporting effective teaching, increased student engagement, and improved student success.

When you incorporate Maple into your teaching, you can:

  • Help students learn important concepts by relieving the burden of tedious, error-prone calculations that can prevent students from focusing on what's most important when learning new material

  • Keep students engaged with motivating examples and realistic applications that would be too difficult or time-consuming to do by hand

  • Increase student understanding with illuminating explanations and visualizations that help make mathematical and engineering concepts more tangible

  • Help students build confidence through interactive explorations and examples that provide immediate feedback

  • Give your students valuable experience with a modern approach to engineering calculations employed by leading engineering organizations around the world

  • Gain a trusted tool to advance your own research with powerful software that can help you understand and solve difficult mathematical problems, but is still easy for students to use

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Maple for Engineering Mathematics

Maple provides all the mathematics engineers need, from simple calculations to advanced problem-solving and analysis, together with tools for specialized topics. Functionality includes:

Engineering software solutions from Maplesoft

Exploring Engineering Fundamentals

Free, professionally developed content designed to teach engineering fundamentals. Students use this material to explore and reinforce concepts, and instructors use it to supplement lectures, and as base material for labs and assignments.

Also Available: Classroom content for a Control Theory course

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